Semi-automatic and Automatic Tablet Counting Machines by C.E.King Limited

Packaging Machinery Manufacturer C.E.King Limited design, manufacture and supply semi-automatic and fully automatic tablet and capsule counting machines for counting and filling a wide range of tablets and capsules in many shapes and sizes including round while tablets, caplets, oval soft gels, minims and gelatin size 0 capsules and many other irregular oral dose and tabletted products.

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Semi-automatic tablet counters King Dispenser Rx and King Checker QC

The King Dispenser Rx and King Checker QC are compact and portable semi-automatic tablet and capsule counting machines for counting and filling tablets, capsules, caplets and other tabletted products into bottle and containers. They are ideal for small to medium output production. 

Automatic tablet counting machine King Technocount T8

Automatic tablet and capsule counter King Technocount T8 is a GMP tablet counting machine designed for accurately counting an filling of tablets, capsules, pills, softgels, dragee and other tablletted products into bottles and containers.  

King T8 Tablet and Capsule Counting Machine in production line with King C100 Press Capping Machine, designed to process tablets, pills and capsules up to 6000 pieces per minute with a line speed of up to 100 bottle per minute.

King packaging lines deisgned for pharmaceutical and nutritional products

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