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Packaging Machinery Manufacturer C.E.King Limited have been designing, manufacturing and supplying semi-automatic and fully automatic tablet and capsule counting machines to pharmaceutical, healthcare and other companies worldwide for over 75 years.

Automatic and Semi-automatic Tablet and Capsule Counting Machines

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King tablet counting and filling machines can count a wide range of tablets and capsules in many shapes and sizes including round white tablets, caplets, oval soft gels, minims and gelatin size 0 capsules and many other irregular oral dose formats.

The King Dispenser Rx tablet counting and filling machine is a low speed semi-automatic tablet counter designed for counting and filling tablets, capsules, caplets, softgels, dragee and other oral dose and tabletted products into bottles, containers and pouches.

Semi-automatic tablet counters

Semi-automatic tablet counters

The King Technocount  T8 tablet and capsule counter is a GMP automatic tablet counting machine designed for accurately counting tablets, capsules, dragee and other tabletted products (up to a maximum of 25 mm diameter in counts of between 1 and 10,000) into a wide range of bottles and containers.

Automatic tablet counters

Automatic tablet counters
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